Mountain At My Gates by Foals

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New Foals!! Cannot wait for this album - my most anticipated of the year.   1

PlopPlop 20 Jul 2015

I loved my day at Leeds Festival. Saw many acts, almost all of which were great, but one of my biggest highlights was making it to the Foals secret set. They are absolute FIRE live and, though I'm gutted that I missed out on tour tickets this time, I was so utterly thrilled by the half hour set they played, losing my mind the entire time! Shame the crowd were a bit shit, mind.   3

CallumPetch 1 Sep 2015

Okay so I do like What Went Down, but it didn't blow me away too much compared to some of Foals other singles that came out as a teaser to new albums, such as Inhaler for example. However Mountain At My Gates is damn catchy, really loving this one, so very much looking forward to the new album now!!   1

DownRabbitHole 30 Jul 2015

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Liesel 21 Sep 2015

I see a mountain at my gates. Fantastic new track!! I can't stop listening to it. The new album is going to be amazing, can't wait! #foalsforever   4

dorothywasright 20 Jul 2015


pablothandi 19 Sep 2015