Wash It All Off by Foetus

laurajaybee’s jam on 1 Mar ’12 and then 2 times after that (See all)

“My favourite song from when I was about 17”

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My favourite song from when I was about 17

laurajaybee 1 Mar 2012

And I can't tell if your malignant, or benign...Supercalifragalisticsadomasochism! Woo!

laurajaybee 20 Nov 2012

Best words, best tune ever written. FACT.

laurajaybee 27 Mar 2012

Looks like @Damien666 's prophesy is coming true..................... ...We gotta get outta here!! Satan's taking over Jamland!!! SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICPSYCHOMASOCHISM!! WARNING! The video here is pretty disturbing, but I think the clips are all from Safety in the workplace and Public Information safety films, so none of the accidents are real....Nobody was really hurt.... Also, I've a message from Ronald McDonald for @jackietheripper ...Ronald says: 'I want you' ....   8

philipnareike 15 Sep 2015

Video: horrific burger clown/safety film mash-up. Song: immortal. "Supercalifragilisticsadomasochism!"   2

andyzax 13 Jun 2012