Trees by Föllakzoid

“Krautrock from Chile. Another SXSW gotta-see.”

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Krautrock from Chile. Another SXSW gotta-see.

Discographies 6 Mar 2013

And at Number 6 in my Top 10 Albums of 2013 is "II" by Chilean psychedelicists Follakzoid. Warning - this is not music for those of a nervous disposition!

LewisBevan 6 Jan 2014

Channeling Neu! #myjam

iamadonut 25 Dec 2013

chilean grooves!   1

oilydal 23 Jan 2013

Seeing this lot next Wednesday on the back of some joyous reviews and online praise! Quality Chilean psych / krautrock!

weloveallthat 15 Nov 2013

"Krautrock" out of Chile that doesn't care to hide its influences.

davelusby 25 Feb 2014