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The residents of Cesena, Italy make a special request for the Foo Fighters to come and play their hometown.   3

poc275 30 Jul 2015

Mum is it ok for the band come round tonight and practice?   11

nialbriody 4 Aug 2015

Not big into Foo Fighters but love this.

MillwallHHH 16 Aug 2015

This is a little different, but damn good!!!

frankie868 1 Aug 2015

Once upon a time, this guy wanted his fave band The Foo Fighters to play in Cesena, Italy. People said it couldn't happen. He didn't listen to them. Instead he turned to fellow fans and fellow musicians, and they came from all over Italy to perform together. One performance. One song. One thousand people. Two hundred and fifty each of singers, guitarists, bassists, and drummers. I get chills watching this. If you don't get chills, I don't know what to tell you. I can't speak Italian, but Fabio Zaffagnini speaks rock n roll. I hear that. Music is the language of the universe. This event has never happened before. This will probably never happen again. This is rock and roll history, right here. Even if The Foo Fighters don't play Cesena, Fabio Zaffagnini and his Rockin 1000s of friends have made something very special out of something very special to them. Share and enjoy. This should be a shout heard round the world. Is this gonna be a happy ending fairy tale? We don't know yet.   15

ZachsMind 30 Jul 2015

I've never been the biggest Foo Fighters fan. But this vídeo reminds me of the power of music, and one iconic band. Great project, amazing video!!!

emp160 2 Aug 2015