Something From Nothing by Foo Fighters

“"I'm something from nothing"”

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"I'm something from nothing"

zuziapy 14 Nov 2014

Starts out a bit slow, but really picks up towards the end.

fryedrycestyle 19 Oct 2014

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D *giggles uncontrollably* *presses play again*

TJtheHeadphoned 16 Oct 2014

I'm not sure what's got me more excited? The release this week of the Foos latest album? Or today's news of their 2015 UK tour?!?!? Now the question begs, which is Santa going to be bringing me in his sack? The Album? Concert Tickets? Both? One wonders if I can help my chances any by being a really, really, good boy between now and Christmas; though I have a feeling I may have left it a little late for the amount of 'Cosmic Goodwill' a gift of such magnitude would take, but you never know! Perhaps, just to be on the safe side I might just lay the odd heavy hint or two with my wife as well and so we're back to me being a really, really, good boy once more.   3

Cornishson73 13 Nov 2014

Love @foofighters #SonicHighways

laurinharg 12 Aug 2015

oh sweet ignition be my fuse you have no choice you have to choose #foofighters

jnetbybee 17 Aug 2015