No Destruction by Foxygen

“Somehow modern, yet Dylanesque, at the same time.”

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but Zaphers was first  

Somehow modern, yet Dylanesque, at the same time.   2

joeldurhamjr 12 Jul 2013

Inspirational Verse: "There's no need to be an asshole/You're not in Brooklyn anymore."   4

Discographies 4 Feb 2013

Love this whole album but this track couldn't sound any more like something from 'Blonde on Blonde' if it tried.

lukegodber 22 Apr 2014

The first great release of the year   2

Gummi 24 Jan 2013

Tonight! <3

surlyshirley 6 Apr 2015

Sounds like it was recorded in a rucksack.

NatDavies 16 Dec 2013