Shuggie by Foxygen

“I always hear a little Nico/Velvet Underground in this song.”

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I always hear a little Nico/Velvet Underground in this song.

sarahbabble 13 Nov 2013

once upon a time I was at a small record store that was built into a storage unit in a weird back corner street. The reason I went there was for their 2 for 5 bin. Sure most of them were scratched up but there were some hidden gems in there! So I buy four records, for ten bucks, notably a record by S.Carey. I didn't know who he was but i figured I'd take a chance. But inside the S.Carey sleeve was a Foxygen record... And thus I discovered two great artists in one

dantheman69 30 Jul 2015

I loved all of Foxygen's album this year, but this short and quirky pop gem sands out for me!

MaxRocks 27 Dec 2013

Songs that change about three times in the course of 3 minutes. This is one of those.   1

mfitzsimons 8 Nov 2013

Been listening to their album. Very nice...   2

hindle4 22 Jan 2013

floaty feelings and childhood crushes

twumble 28 Dec 2014