Der Computer Nr. 3 by France Gall

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travishardiman 14 Jul 2014

France Gall live in Berlin, 1968   1

spaceoddities 15 Nov 2012

Way ahead of its time.   1

blueflake 11 Sep 2012

#FrenchWeek Finale of the German Song Contest 1968 in Berlin....I love everything about this....from the song which I feel must have been a big influence on Kraftwerk, the enthusiastic audience, the presentation at the end which shows German organisation to the full, the flower lady dressed all in yellow....just too much really.... my background features Hector the world's first AstroRat, who was French....   24

philipnareike 23 Mar 2014

Sing along!

mikekotsch 14 Oct 2013

A song about computer dating from 1968 competing to be in Eurovision. The audience appear to be robots themselves.

romney 1 Oct 2013