New Track by Francis Bebey


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This one is for Emperor Tomato Ketchup. Remember when I was blatting on about this "potatoes and yam" song? Well here it is. Warning we are in Earworm Country.   3

djh62uk 15 Jan 2015

don't give me bananas for dinner and yams at the same time

edcartwright 30 Nov 2011

African Arthur Russell anyone? ...............Don't give me BANANAS, POTATOES, and YAM at the same time!

HTSpencer1972 22 Jan 2014

Wonderfully quirky electronica from Cameroon, circa '82. Not a million miles from what William Onyeabor was up to at the same time.

Dkayling 7 Sep 2014

I've Jammed this before but it is still the best so shh up.

thatbear 18 May 2014

Give me a banana, and freedom, to dance on a new track

pouline 6 Aug 2014