Sweet Life by Frank Ocean


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but KD was first  

Hell of a single. Just enough D'Angelo to keep me in it for the duration, but I keep coming back for the slinky vamp throughout.

sean.demory 24 Oct 2014

February is Callum Catches Up On Jams He Would've Posted But Couldn't Due To The Countdown. Cont. in comments.   5

CallumPetch 1 Feb 2013

In preparation for tonight's fun... 'My TV ain't HD; that's too real' #frankocean #pharrell #soul #sweetlife #happythursday

Lorraine 24 Apr 2014

Unexpectedly summoned to the Caribbean next week - this seems appropriate (and has been in my head for weeks)!

TBBYNH 26 Sep 2012

sweeet liiife

granulac 17 Aug 2012