Sweet Life by Frank Ocean


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but KD was first  

sweeet liiife

granulac 17 Aug 2012

Unexpectedly summoned to the Caribbean next week - this seems appropriate (and has been in my head for weeks)!

TBBYNH 26 Sep 2012

In preparation for tonight's fun... 'My TV ain't HD; that's too real' #frankocean #pharrell #soul #sweetlife #happythursday

Lorraine 24 Apr 2014

February is Callum Catches Up On Jams He Would've Posted But Couldn't Due To The Countdown. Cont. in comments.   5

CallumPetch 1 Feb 2013

Hell of a single. Just enough D'Angelo to keep me in it for the duration, but I keep coming back for the slinky vamp throughout.

sean.demory 24 Oct 2014