That's Life by Frank Sinatra


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that's just it...

ginader 5 Dec 2011

I had to jam Frank Sinatra before the end of this adventure. Because...That's Life. Sinatra. Perfect.   30

JeromeRiguidel 19 Sep 2015

Because it's my birthday weekend   1

chrysalisstar 10 May 2015

I'll always be grateful that Old Blue Eyes recorded this great song. Because...well, because, that's life...#hopeyoulikeit   8

jovisgoesnuts 13 Aug 2015

"Some people get their kicks stomping on a dream." Gotta love Ol' Blue Eyes <3   5

pwoperfish 29 Nov 2013

THATS a lot of you,some are 3rd year August 13,hoping to play my Cat Sevens again * find me on FB LYNN SOUTHGATE....or the official seeing ya :)   47

lynn200 10 Aug 2015