That's Life by Frank Sinatra


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but ginader was first  

I had to jam Frank Sinatra before the end of this adventure. Because...That's Life. Sinatra. Perfect.   30

JeromeRiguidel 19 Sep 2015

I'll always be grateful that Old Blue Eyes recorded this great song. Because...well, because, that's life...#hopeyoulikeit   8

jovisgoesnuts 13 Aug 2015

"Some people get their kicks stomping on a dream." Gotta love Ol' Blue Eyes <3   5

pwoperfish 29 Nov 2013

Because it's my birthday weekend   1

chrysalisstar 10 May 2015

that's just it...

ginader 5 Dec 2011

THATS a lot of you,some are 3rd year August 13,hoping to play my Cat Sevens again * find me on FB LYNN SOUTHGATE....or the official seeing ya :)   47

lynn200 10 Aug 2015