The Way I Tend To Be by Frank Turner


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This song has struck me dumb. Spine tingling. The new album is going to blow me away.

DJDarren 6 Apr 2013

My choosing this song probably says more about me than the artist. @frankturner @MattPressure #thisismyjam

MissyFrye 20 Feb 2015

My iPod is about 10% catchy pop songs, and 90% @franktuner

LadyPonusky 12 Apr 2014

Absolute tune @frankturner

JesseHagger 9 Mar 2014

my fav song of Franks

taffkeast 21 Jun 2015

We saw Frank live a week or so ago and the lyrics really hit me this time. Sometimes you need to hear something live to really hear it. For @dotbeastranger   8

Katherinaminola 23 Feb 2014