Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) by Frank Wilson

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Keep the Faith. I've got a Northern Soul feeling just for Friday and I thought this was appropriate.

mo_nextdoor 1 May 2015

*dances* #KeepTheFaith   9

BertrandRustles 4 May 2015

If anyone's got a spare copy - let me know....   19

newley 5 Nov 2013

This has everything that made Motown the greatest singles label of all time. *dances*   7

BertrandRustles 30 Jul 2014

Well known as a songwriter/producer, rare copies of Frank Wilson's one single are highly sought after by collectors. Read all about it:

kenshane 16 Jul 2015

There is no Monday morning that can't be improved by some classic Northern Soul.

rocknrollisking 1 Sep 2014