Right Action by Franz Ferdinand

“Perfect 3 minute pop song”

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Perfect 3 minute pop song

andypeek 23 Jul 2013

The soundtrack for the Smithery ACTION day.

willsh 11 May 2015

Time to jam everyday this month my favorite songs from my favorite albums of 2013! (I'll count "Afterlife" as my first of the month because it would be on the list anyway haha.) #bestof2013   6

rvleonard 3 Dec 2013

Love this album.   5

HappyZebra 29 Aug 2013

Right Thoughts! Right Words! Right Action!   4

dorothywasright 23 Jul 2013

New Year resolution (of sorts). Also soundtrack to (Right Action) plotting with @willsh?

Phil_Adams 5 Jan 2015