Living On My Own by Freddie Mercury

“I really want some harlequin trousers now.”

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I really want some harlequin trousers now.

charlotteyoung 15 Dec 2013

Catchy, catchy, catchy.   2

bradscanlan 30 Mar 2013

My mom used to love Freddie so deeply. Now she got to meet him somewhere up in the sky. Miss you like crazy, mom... Now I gotta live on my own.   1

ipekblue 17 Sep 2015

re-jam. was considering this costume for halloween this year but I didn't have time to gather the pieces. lmfao

yuuen 17 Nov 2014

Dee do de de, dee do de de!

beckendorf 26 Jul 2012

Happy 68th birthday, the legend. The show goes on as you wished...   1

ipekblue 5 Sep 2014