Ankle Injuries by Fujiya & Miyagi

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Sick video!

MatthewTepper 14 May 2012

LOVE THEM. But, I need your help ! See on the comments ;) (thank you)   7

CreepyUnknown 8 Apr 2013

@MOJOmagazine goes boldly into the future, sort of, with their February 2008 covermount. Swiping the name of Radiohead's 1997 masterpice, the freebie is titled OK Computer and features electronic music including--unusual for a MOJO giveaway--largely newer music. The disc is programmed a little unevenly, with its second half drifting deep into ponderous instrumental territory by the likes of Tangerine Dream; the track by cLOUDDEAD, "Dead Dogs (Two)," wins the prize for most annoying covermount song to date. I've chosen a song from Brighton, England group Fujiya & Miyagi's debut album, Transparent Things, and it features an innovative video using dice for animated mosaics. Fujiya & Miyagi's albums have given diminishing returns over the years, but their debut remains an Aughts electro classic.   1

covermount 3 Jul 2014

cause I sprained my ankle on Friday   4

bignonioides 1 Sep 2014

Had this going through my head a bit recently. Probably going to try to post 2-3 Jams a week now as time is getting limited.......

timscience 1 Sep 2015