Super Stupid by Funkadelic


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One of the greatest, stoniest riffs ever committed to magnetic tape.

ProWerewolf 7 Jan 2015

Less than a year after their Roots of Hendrix covermount, @MOJOmagazine chose in November 2006 to do another Hendrix feature, this time with the freebie disc (titled Experienced!) devoted to music inspired by the late guitarist. Although I dig Hendrix, this was my least favorite covermount to date—loaded with tons of white-boy blues and tedious Hendrix covers, it was a chore to get through as many times as I did. With the lone exception of Curtis Mayfield's "Freddie's Dead," this track from Funkadelic's 1971 third LP Maggot Brain trounces everything else on the disc.   1

covermount 22 May 2014

first track of this album is amazing but it's 10 minutes long. so here's this.

SensiSamurai 17 Jan 2015

heavy jam right here   1

E_Rockah 14 May 2012