Future Islands: "Seasons (Waiting On You)" by David Letterman

“Great tune but worth it for the dancing alone!”

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Great tune but worth it for the dancing alone!

twelvecreative 19 May 2014

This performance is mesmerizing! I keep watching it over and over again... :D #futureislands

mirka_t 27 Mar 2015

kinda late, but yeah, amazing performance. catchy too.

j2daboy 1 Apr 2014

Still one of my favourite clips of 2014. Hardly anything can be posted on This Is My Jam these days, however...

markwtaylor1 29 Dec 2014

Amazing performance by Samuel T. Herring that gets even better on repeat

dfunktt 9 Mar 2014

Oh sorry am I 9 months too late. Shove it. And then dislocate it. And then reassemble kit. By which time no one cares. Yes, kit. I planted trees!

oo_vudge 12 Dec 2014