"Seasons (Waiting On You)" by Future Islands

“This will always remind me of @MikeOsaer and cos its his birthday”

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This will always remind me of @MikeOsaer and cos its his birthday

sarahwishart 9 Dec 2014

As it breaks, the summer awaits But the winter washed whats left of the taste

allthingsu 17 Sep 2015

Fantastic new Future Islands track.

brogana 21 Jan 2014

#3 of My Top Twenty #Bestof2014 .2nd best party track of the year.  If this does not play then use this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGV6DvqU2QY  Thanks to @jackietheripper. Proves that there is hope for forty-something blokes who dance unusually, after all.   16

Axol 17 Dec 2014

Some more new music for the New Year. I really like this...   5

cbinseoul 6 Feb 2014

First thing that struck me about this was Sam's bizarre moves but,once beyond that,it is an absolutely magical song.   10

tpjdavies 1 Dec 2014