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but liltea was first  

Maybe the greatest film theme of all time.

EatMyHalo 29 Jun 2015

Happy #Halloween #MyJam and #Twitter peeps, remeber this 80s Horror flick?

Cornishson73 31 Oct 2013

Woke up with this darn song in my head.

VissAndPinegar 9 Mar 2015

#Teenmoviejam numbah 7...taking a different turn here...not happy, not romantic, not a blissful summer's day as many of the teen movies remind us of...Nope. The Lost Boys showed vampires were cool in the movies WAAAAAY before Twilight...... ;-)   3

SheRa 19 Jun 2014

The Halloween Jams continue: Cry Little Sister by G Tom Mac from Lost Boys

hadyngreen 20 Oct 2014

#Halloween.....The Lost Boys...Back when Jack Bauer was a Vampire!!!   4

SheRa 20 Oct 2014