Snowstorm by Galaxie 500


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A hot cup of tea and a Galaxie 500 record. Because I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. #SnowJams   4

timmytherube 9 Feb 2013

I miss those days. Maybe the storm will return

michaelglenn 6 Nov 2014

I'm looking at the snowflakes, and they all look the same. Galaxie 500's Snowstorm is my soundtrack today

grange85 18 Jan 2013

having spent 5 hours shoveling through 2+ feet of snow, this song seems appropriate   1

bowiesongs 9 Feb 2013

literal jam   1

fearson 9 Apr 2013

Well I listen to the weather, and he's changed his tone of voice…   1

donutage 13 Feb 2014