Snowstorm by Galaxie 500

“it's too bad there's no chance of snow this week...”

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it's too bad there's no chance of snow this week...

ieatpants 4 Feb 2012

having spent 5 hours shoveling through 2+ feet of snow, this song seems appropriate   1

bowiesongs 9 Feb 2013

Since we're about to get slammed with a massive and potentially historic blizzard here on Long Island (and in the Northeast US in general) this seems appropriate.   2

condorave 26 Jan 2015


sarahfaraday 21 Jan 2015

what 1989 sounded like - the last great wave of bathroom acoustics

monkchips 21 Aug 2012

I'm looking at the snowflakes, and they all look the same. Galaxie 500's Snowstorm is my soundtrack today

grange85 18 Jan 2013