I Think I'm Paranoid by Garbage

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Sorry to hear that This is My Jam is shutting down - even if I only used it sporadically. So here's one final jam:

jwdmeow 10 Aug 2015

I love Butch Vig on this track!

jakob1010 15 Dec 2012

Yeah, guess why I picked Garbage today. 8-)

bateleur 3 Feb 2012

I miss the old Garbage . When "2.0" came out, I was completely obsessed with it. I think it's because I had been dating a guy who changed and controlled me--down to the clothes I wore and the music I listened to--to the point where I had completely forgotten who I was. So this was the first album I bought after I dumped the excess baggage (a.k.a. the jerk). It helped me to define my love of music again. Moral? Don't date jerks who try to make you into someone you're not!   5

Amalynai 14 Oct 2013

<3 love this classic

eehbiertje 10 Aug 2015

DAMN fine!   1

arseheart 22 Jul 2014