Are 'Friends' Electric? by Gary Numan


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but soloony was first  

heard this song today on the radio and remembered just how much of a legendry song this is   4

ScottWilson 11 Feb 2014

cf.   2

larrykooper 24 Nov 2014

A wonderfull electric classic my friends, enjoy itI always choose this record in my list for the greatest tracks for the   1

MarkRaver 25 Dec 2012

So it turns out it's about android prostitutes...   1

catcalzone 25 Jul 2014

When I first started watching the tv show Ashes to Ashes I would furiously write down all the songs that came on with the intention of compiling them altogether some day and putting them on a playlist. I would miss songs and it really disrupted the viewing of the show. In addition I realized that it was the 21st century and that surely someone had already done the work and posted it online, and sure enough someone has. This song was the third song played for Season 1, and it certainly is a lot of fun.   2

bingsy22 13 Jul 2015

Today Bobcat is mostly listening to 'Replicas' and.............

ThisisBobcat 20 Aug 2014