M.E. by Gary Numan


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but fielderblank was first  

i'll only fade away & i hate to fade alone   1

stumbelina 28 Jun 2015

Gary Numan was much more than just "Cars." This is One of the greatest New Romantic records of all time.   12

wilwheaton 5 Apr 2012

Yeah, this.

dayglorious 24 Jan 2015

My friend loves Gary Numan's 'Are 'Friends' Electric', so I thought I'd jam one of Numan's. It's not the best track from 'The Pleasure Principle' (I think 'Complex' is), but this is my favourite.   2

hirziify 12 Aug 2013

"I hate to fade alone...but now there's only M.E."

thermidor 2 Apr 2012

Local boy made good   1

antonydoggwiler 1 Mar 2013