We Are Glass by Gary Numan

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Somebody once told me, a man from Omni, said that he thought I'd been put here by... something... aliens or something, to carry out a cause... which I thought was very flattering but a little silly...

cid1615 30 Aug 2013

Normally when one thinks of Numan it's usually for Cars or Are Friends Electric?, this feels a forgotten gem.   1

Fairy_Pingu 3 Aug 2012

This song, his hair, his promotional costume, his dad, sorry lad dancing! Love it all! @numanofficial

IAmMrDexB 22 Apr 2015

This came on the radio as I was trying to drag myself out of bed. Now I am utterly convinced it's going to be a pretty decent day!   2

FoxInSox 6 Feb 2015