In Too Deep by Genesis


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but angelamary was first  

one of the 80s best songs   1

rwhitear 14 Apr 2013

This is a perfect song. No, I'm not trollin. H8 away!   2

chootka 30 Mar 2014

These lyrics are pure gold for someone who is as scared of commitment as I am.

mrgoodkat34 10 Apr 2014

One of their best songs, and they have a lot of great songs.

LittleDarlings4 23 Feb 2014

Sure, it was in American Pyscho. But you can't deny this is just a really slick, really cool, really nice late night jam. It's just soothing to listen to, in a way that most of Phil Collins'/Genesis' love songs or ballads aren't as much. Peak 80s Genesis. Peak 80s Phil Collins.

philb 18 Oct 2014

I know alot of people dislike Phil Collins, but I generally do and I love this track.

RossiForever 23 Oct 2013