That's All by Genesis

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Cause sometimes you just need a little bit more Phil Collins in your life.   1

hughmcguire 30 Jan 2013

Dear America...

melimcclure 5 Nov 2014

I made a Spotify playlist of Phil Collins solo albums and Genesis albums from Abacab on and it was such a great decision. I might regret it by the time the Tarzan soundtrack comes on, though.   2

melvillean 27 Jan 2014

I used to not think very much of Genesis but I discovered this song this week and looks like I need to rethink that.

battleshipdrive 15 Oct 2014

That's all...

kperdomo 5 Jun 2014

After resisting their charms for many years, I have finally succumbed to Genesis.

bron 25 Mar 2014