Budapest by George Ezra

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edclarke 19 Jun 2014

Thanks to my baby sister, this song is my jam right now. :)

kavya09 11 Jul 2015

I'm a woman of many treasured sayings. Chief among them is "Don't postpone joy." as well as, "I'd rather have little joys in little packages every day than one big joy in a big package years from now." However, one saying I've become enamored with recently is, "Be the person you'd love to hang out with for a day." That's what this song conjures to mind when I hear it.

delftwaves 9 May 2015


ambarbituate 29 Aug 2015

I've been off for a while... I jumped back on after I heard this song. Not my normal jam, but I really like it.

MichaelRains 20 Jul 2015

So much talent! Love his voice.   1

judylevang 23 Jul 2015