I Get Lifted by George McCrae

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dfunktt 30 Aug 2015

why had no one done a proper re-edit of this top tune?

JuliaBell 10 Jan 2014

This is a better version of the song I posted earlier. One who doesn't go silent halfway through. A big thanks to @HaveACuppaTea for letting me know the other one didn't work. (Although I really should've checked it out myself *darn*). Feel free to throw stones at me, or enjoy the song. Cheers! :)   3

Avante 28 May 2013

Exhale... Love and weed is what Mr. McCrae is talkin about

bohemianwifey 5 Sep 2014

Take it right down! Smooth one we dropped at our recent #vinyljamm night in #NG1...

DirtyDiscoSound 22 Jul 2014