Get It Right Next Time by Gerry Rafferty

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Memories of friends and playing Wizardry:Crusaders of the Dark Savant

sfitzwilliam 27 Jun 2014

Great way to end 2014; golden way to welcome 2015! Feliz Ano Nuevo, todos!   2

olliecat4 30 Dec 2014 So, I hear no-one ask, why are you laughing this evil laugh, Maharaja Pepe? Well, it may have taken me a considerable period of time, but at long last, I get one over on these WMG tossers, by posting a toon that on every other avenue, has been blocked. What a sense of achievement. Goin’ down scrapping! Well chums, that time is fast approaching. Don’t know about you, but this elongated closure (pleasant though it’s been being able to spend more time as our wee community) has totally messed with my already fractured mojo. I’ve mumped & moaned & moaned & mumped. My apologies to all those who’ve suffered it with stretched patience. I sue me. In other news, this Jamus Paenultimus, features my ‘Movers Guide’, or Pete Laberge’s Five Millionth Reminder, as some wag called it (that was me, actually). Anyway, here goes… # Let’s Loop...Let’s Not. # Nusiki...Contender for worst name ever. I now appear to have over 140 Followers. Really?   44

21schizoid 23 Sep 2015