Brucia La Terra "Anthony's Song from Corleone" by Gian Campione - Godfather III

“From The Godfather Part III: "Brucia la Terra" (Burns the Earth) is an authentic Sicilian ballad from the town of Corleone. It was one of Michael's particular favourites, as it reminded him of his first wife, Apollonia. It was sung by (Anthony Corleone). Franc D'Ambrosio not only had the honor of starring in the film, he also sang the Academy Award winning theme song, "Speak Softly Love" (Brucia la Terra) - both in the film and on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music and Lyrics by Nino Rota, Giuseppe Rinaldi. #TheGodfather #FrancDAmrosio #SpeakSoftlyLove #Soundtrack #ThisIsMyJam

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