74 Is The New 24 by Giorgio Moroder


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but akshayroongta was first  

Mo. Ro. Dah. Welcome back, fellah :)

soolijoo 15 Dec 2014

YESSS!! <3

Philipp 25 Nov 2014

With a bassline that'll shake your heart, Giorgio Moroder proves once again that electronic music isn't just for the young. Boss.

Snafflepuss 9 Dec 2014

This guy. THIS GUY! One of the first 50 to do electronica, comes out with a trance song that is both classic and new at the same time and shows us all how it should be done. Awesome.

wizzyrea 11 May 2015

Almost -- ALMOST! -- as sternum-thumpingly epic as "The Chase".

vesperina 30 Mar 2015