Battlestar Galactica by Giorgio Moroder


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Because it's a disco version of Battlestar Galactica. That's why.   2

Kevin_Church 7 Dec 2011

Dit is alles wat de titel belooft+meer!

wmdhn 16 May 2012

My roomba is dancing to this #cylondisco   1

GeoffTidey 29 Jan 2014

...if we're all gonna go all 'Curiosity Rulez' today, have some of this, BSG funkified! Oh those Italians...   3

ZenPyramid 6 Aug 2012

An 18 minute medley of 1970s-Battlestar Galactica themes turned into blissful disco by Giorgio Moroder? YES.

katemonkey 24 Jul 2013

Moroder vs Meco - you decide.

pb14 29 Nov 2012