Right Here, Right Now (feat. Kylie Minogue) by Giorgio Moroder


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giorgio is just so hot right now

heartitupsorry 29 Jun 2015

The King of Disco has teamed up with (one of) the queens of Pop, and the result is pretty magic. Good sunny tune for a pretty dismal day.

wizzyrea 14 May 2015

Perfect. That is all.

ShellyTOtter 5 Feb 2015

"I could look for love, to get over you."

bensonmic 2 Mar 2015

The video for Giorgio Moroder’s new Kylie Minogue-featuring single “Right Here, Right Now” has surfaced. The 74-year-old producer takes a backseat, only showing up with some DJing equipment in a few quick shots. Minogue leads the show, dancing and singing as she’s multiplied by some triangular kaleidoscope effects. The track is taken from Moroder’s forthcoming comeback album 74 Is The New 24.

michael_d_wynn 2 Feb 2015

This is pretty spectacular.   1

theuncannyalex 17 Jan 2015