The Chase by Giorgio Moroder


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synthesized goodness from the motion picture Midnight Express #eletronic   1

robz 22 Jan 2015

I'm sorry, but it actually worries me when I do things like this: spontaneously re-purchased this album months with all the Daft Punk hoopla and a million other current artists, I read about it every other day, and I feel a vague discomfort. Why did I need this in my life now? (well obvy the shiny new Camaro SS in the desert <3 )

miracrisp 14 May 2013

Ace electro slow burner from The Man, Giorgio Moroder. Enjoy.

DirtyDiscoSound 27 Jun 2013

In honor of Giorgio Moroder's appearance on the new Daft Punk album, here's a classic from the soundtrack to the 1978 film "Midnight Express". Yes, you read that right -- 1978. I sure hope Daft Punk took Giorgio out to several very nice dinners.

feander 22 May 2013