Theme From Midnight Express (1978) by Giorgio Moroder

“Someone's been listening to A LOT of #dilla lately.”

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Someone's been listening to A LOT of #dilla lately.   4

bygracenotgod 26 Mar 2014

A pleasant, 8-bit-sounding tune for a horrifyingly depressing movie.   2

deathmtn 28 Mar 2014

This was a great #movie and is an excellent musical score :)

yegmegger 5 Oct 2014

First heard this track on The Synthesizer Album, its what got me into Keyboards and instrumentals

125f8 15 May 2012


retroremakes 23 Mar 2012

'Tis sleepy time and the synth Sandman hath come to scatter interstellar lullaby dust...

master_at_work 19 Apr 2012