Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage by Girl Band

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Girl Band x Blawan? Yes please.

patpromise 20 Feb 2015

Girl Band were the first band I went to see live this year if I remember correctly. This video is pretty great though, er, not really for the squeamish...   2

thesunneversets 24 Feb 2015


sam3K 21 Jun 2015

well this just made my day!

dazzahr 20 Jul 2013

Monstrous. The current "WTF is that?!!" track in my playlist. Free download! Via @jonhillcock

steveharris 9 Feb 2013

"Tired and a bit tense, he navigates through the prickly pine needles and the rustling leaves, mining the tugging roots and the looming canopy for the connections only his mind sees."

oo_vudge 25 May 2015