Warm in the Winter by Glass Candy

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but Alivs was first  

you're beautiful you came from heaven

onlineatron 20 Jan 2015

Right up there with Kraftwerk, Donna Summer & New Order. Seriously.   5

MagicAlexDJS 9 Jul 2014

Glass Candy would like you to know that they love you x

timscience 9 Sep 2015

Even though the monkey bit is well embarrassing and it's a total rip of Keith TOTP's 'So Angry', it's still amazing.

RobBritton 30 Jan 2015

"warm in the winter" is actually a perfect description of the weather here in Paris....   3

FreshGentleman 19 Jun 2013

It's getting colder. Need some good music and love to stay warm in the winter. :-)

kikker 7 Nov 2014