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The ending is stuck in my head

Danomagico 18 Apr 2015

Despite being a fan for a long time, I have never seen GYBE live - all that changes this weekend. #atp 5   4

spewish 22 Nov 2013

I saw Godspeed live about a year and a half ago. I didn't really expect them to play this. I almost cried when I realised that the intro they were playing was this one.

terathiel 13 Jun 2014

Anybody else very excited for the new record?   11

_ben_ 4 Oct 2012

Finally saw this live. Even at a festival, hearing Pixies playing faintly in the background, it was earth-shattering.   1

pcalves 8 Jun 2014

Not for the first time. Deciding whether to justify a vinyl supplement, though...

iainl7 21 May 2015