Garden Dog Barbecue Live Session by Gogo Penguin

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Oh, I'm sure I've made this my jam before but here it is again. Twitchy sharp complicated live drum'n'jazz'n'house-keys-on-the-snare'n'bass. Why yes, I am nodding along to it like a fool.

shermt 14 Mar 2015

GoGo Penguin's "Garden Dog BBQ": Mesmerising. Great to run to, too. :)

rickyshitpants 18 Apr 2014

Let's get JAZZY (w/ a d&b twist, natch). Love love love @GoGo_Penguin: 'Garden Dog Barbecue' (Live)

aimzrushton 27 Sep 2014

Seriously shooting up north to Manchester which is once again proving us to be a great birth place for some of the most genius acts ever. And if you've all seen me rave about Snarky Puppy, now just try and listen to the amazing #fusion #prog #jazz of "Garden Dog Barbecue" by GoGo Penguin!

Parleone 3 Jun 2014