Garden Dog Barbecue by GoGo Penguin

“Bit partial to some live d 'n' b.... Happy Friday : )”

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Bit partial to some live d 'n' b.... Happy Friday : )

Claireplanner 31 Jul 2015

Fresh experimental great stuff! Nominated for #MercuryAward. Enjoy!

orlindan 17 Oct 2014

Seeing this played live makes it even greater. That drumming...

philgyford 7 Apr 2014

In celebration of watching a great band at a great venue last night. Massively strong audience following all watching attentively. Far better than my previous experience of the audience at Koko.

Steveh1000 13 Jun 2015

just finished two hour long mixes of 2014 stuff, always best part of christmas. :3 will post em next week. might do a third. parts of this are really reminiscent of chilly gonzales tropes but i dig. image by @bluebed

dreamfeeel 28 Dec 2014

“Garden Dog Barbecue” by GoGo Penguin is my new jam. Thanks @crntaylor!

wjt 3 Apr 2014