Radar Love by Golden Earring

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This is my #DutchClassics channel. My regular channel is at @dutchbeeblebrox.   10

dutchzaphod 20 Sep 2014

Rewind to the 70s! Anything from 1969 to 1980 appears here, so keep 'FOLLOWing'.......   18

leejohnson 27 Aug 2012

This is my #DutchClassics channel. My regular account is @dutchbeeblebrox   33

dutchzaphod 20 Nov 2013

All over the hump? Here we go..... :-)   2

Ourali 13 May 2015

Well now, this totally lit up a school disco back in the day. The place sprang to life, Killer Queen, Hocus Pocus, and this cut through the Rollers, Slade, Sweet and 50s nostalgia like a hot knife through butter. It might not have aged all that well, but it was edgy enough for wee teens in big trousers and high shoes ;) @21schizoid I'm looking at you.   16

daved 24 Jul 2015

This song is a good "I am driving late at night and need something to wake me up" song. It is good fun. No big meaning, but a great bass line.   4

ShortCurator 18 Feb 2014