Happiness by Goldfrapp


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A little dreamy synthpop for the morning is a nice remedy for a sleepless night...

silvershroud 27 Feb 2013

Curiously compelling....jump, jump, jump.   2

Aqualash 3 Mar 2012

from Goldfrapp's best album IMO.

misterfusty 14 Oct 2014

" We're all on a journey to, Finding the real inner you"...Make you better:))   10

bullu 16 Nov 2013

Happiness by Goldfrapp live with Jools. Also fab video at: http://youtu.be/mnHlGONToIc via @jamieriddell

Bilbobraggins 14 Jul 2013

This video is pretty much the opposite of what I CAN do at the moment. But very much along the lines of what I WOULD do, were I able. The song is very dear to me, as I have always wanted to start a cult, well, not start one, but run one. I am truly inspired.

bobscheu 18 Aug 2015