Stranger by Goldfrapp


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Rejaming this song from tempest67, though it was a close call after hearing London Grammar's 'Strong' ... I've decided Goldfrapp is like all the 60's songs I grew up listening to, and nominate it for the next James Bond film, whenever that may be ... Who is stranger than James Bond, or more British? (I also love the Sergio Leone-style whistling.)   3

europabridge1 13 Oct 2013

Album of the year for me.   1

neil_jones 27 Dec 2013

Some lush sad historical drama full of tall white cliffs and muddy horse fetlocks and sea wind whipping at young girls' bright hair.

minimoonstar 10 Jun 2014

A lot of candidates for the song of the year. Here's one. #BestOf2013   6

Gummi 18 Dec 2013