Embrace by Goldroom

“Glad flaggdag!”

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Glad flaggdag!

MalinJohansson4 6 Jun 2014

finally got one of these silly accounts. also this song is good.

calvaria 10 Sep 2014

I was going to make my jam some maudlin Banks shit I've been having complex emotions to but actually no, this just came on and I panicked so badly that it was ending I queued it ten times. What a ridiculous, sappy, explosive chest-burst of a thing.

piratemoggy 15 Aug 2014

Nearly everything I'm listening to right now is so depressive and this isn't exactly euphoric but it's got a bubbly, almost hysterical exhaustion to it and the wants in it are so fond.

piratemoggy 10 Jul 2014

Not sure what it is about this tune, but it sings to something in me from a younger time....

weswilson 28 May 2014

Beautiful synthy feel good track.

DezInOz 16 Jan 2014