Black Sabbeth by Gonga

“Beth Gibbons spooky voice is fantastic.”

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Beth Gibbons spooky voice is fantastic.

froparis 24 Apr 2014

Not a typo but it is the mighty Sabs track. Record Store Day 2014 7" collaboration between the doom metal band and Portishead singer.   4

simonp 23 Apr 2014

Black Sabbath cover feat. Beth Gibbons

dascoisasbreves 9 Jun 2014

Black Sabbath with Beth Gibbons (of Portishead) doing the vocals? Yes, please!

chiaslut 28 Apr 2014

This video is for #halloween #Halloweenweek Black Sabbath (1963) also known as: I tre volti della paura | Three Faces of Fear -  vocals by Beth Gibbons - I remember seeing a documentary of Black Sabbath once. The band was rehearsing opposite of a movie theatre. They noticed that people liked to see scary movies. "Why not make scary music", they said, "People will like that too". So they did!   7

mvergouwen 25 Oct 2014

What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me...

fake13 5 May 2014