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potatoskin 28 Apr 2014

#RealisticLoveSongs ;)   1

timmytauri 28 Apr 2014

Back from Canada   3

johannakoll 3 Feb 2013

For my mother's birthday - memories of driving in the car with 8 tracks of Gordon Lightfoot, Bread and Jim Croce

davehile 13 Jul 2015

What I probably was listening to most this week...40 years ago. I don't remember when I actually bought Gordon Lightfoot's album Sundown -- though when I did, I bought the 8-track tape. (I was busy wrapping up my senior year in high school, so most other memories of that time have been swept aside.) But I have no doubt the title single, which had been released in February, was in heavy radio rotation by mid-May, en route to reaching No. 1 on the charts in June, so if I hadn't yet bought the tape, I certainly was hearing the song -- a lot. I've always thought Canadian folkie Lightfoot achieving genuine pop star status in the U.S. was a bit of a "lightning in a bottle" moment. Maybe the real benefit of the success of this record (which I still think is a great song) is that it set us up for 1975's devastating "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." (Album released January 1974)

jcopestuf 15 May 2014

40 years old this year...............time flies and that's a fact.   3

briannaughton7 28 Jun 2014