Obscura by Gorguts

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but ngunderwood was first  

Hard to believe this album came out in 1998.

PhilipYount 25 Sep 2015

1998. Canadians decide to re-invent metal as we know it...again. Ahead of its time...and still for some today.

El-Heinous 1 Apr 2012

RIP big Steeve - (1971-2012). A great shame.

ngunderwood 28 May 2012

OBSCURA ! Great song, I remember the first time I listened this song I didn't like it at all, I was like "What the hell is this ?" even though I was into metal already . Then a couple of years passed and I listened to it again and loved it ! And I've read people say the same, looks like they were too good and too early for their time.

Zango 16 Jun 2013