Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz

“10/10 would feel good again”

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10/10 would feel good again

milkdrinker132 10 Jul 2015

Hewlett + Albarn + A reference to Castle in the Sky... what is there not to love?

nkle 22 Mar 2015

This bass line. Forever.

kenlowery 31 Dec 2011

Demon Days came out ten years ago this weekend, still not tired of listening to it on repeat.

taShepard 23 May 2015

Everyone needs a good jam at work. Some may choose apricot, I choose Gorillaz.

LadyPonusky 11 Jun 2015

My first iPod only had enough room for 5 albums worth of songs. Demon days was the only full album I had on there. And that laugh is just amazing.   4

Grayling 28 Jul 2013